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Boeing at the AIAA SciTech Forum

Let’s put our state-of-the-art testing facilities to work for your next product!

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We understand that accurate and competitively priced testing is a critical component of your success. That’s why our teams of expert engineers, scientists and testing professionals are ready to partner with you to test and confirm your designs. Whatever your industry or testing requirements, we’re ready to get you the data you need to move your projects and products to success.
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Boeing Testing Services

Wind Tunnel & Propulsion Testing

How effectively will your product move through the air, insulate from noise, withstand acoustic vibrations, generate a sound, or propel a load? Some of our wind tunnel and propulsion testing services include:
  • Speeds: Subsonic (low-speed), Transonic and Polysonic (supersonic)
  • Thermal: Icing
  • Aero-acoustic
  • Propulsion: Nozzle, Fuel properties, Fire and Hazardous (flame, puncture, explosion)

Environmental Testing

Some of the world’s best-known manufacturers trust us to test new and experimental products in harsh and potentially damaging environments on Earth…and off. Some of our environmental testing services include:
  • Extreme cold and heat
  • Vacuum and pressure
  • Solar radiation
  • Rain/humidity
  • Vibration
  • Acoustic noise
  • Shock

Electromagnetics Testing

Leverage the facilities and expertise of the world’s largest aerospace company whose commercial, military and space programs rely upon accurate electromagnetic testing every day. Some of our electromagnetic testing services include:
  • Antenna and Radar Cross-Section Testing
  • Electromagnetic Interference and Compatibility (EMI/EMC)
  • Direct and Indirect Lightning Effects
  • Radio Frequency and Infrared Material Properties (RF/IR)

Structures Testing

No matter how big or small of a structure you’re testing, our experienced professionals will collaborate with you to match your product’s unique requirements to our vast array of full-, medium- and small-scale testing capabilities. Some of our structures testing services include:
  • Qualification, Conformity & Acceptance
  • Environment, including temperature (Ambient/Non-Ambient -75° - >500°)
  • Static
  • Fatigue
  • Mechanism, Powertrain and Transmission
  • Pressure
  • Impact

Other Testing Services

Don’t see your testing requirement listed here? Chances are that one of our more than 500 testing facilities around the world can meet your need. Some of our more specialized testing and laboratory facilities include:
•    Virtual Reality (VR) and Motion Capture
•    Metrology
•    Flammability
•    Material Inspection/Revalidation
•    Nondestructive Inspection
•    And countless others.

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