Flight optimization
never stops

Drive efficiency, reduce costs and optimize your flight planning system operations. Boeing’s flight operations suite of data-driven solutions and expert consulting services can help in all phases of your operation from an integrated operations center (IOC) and crew scheduling to navigation charts and data.

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Airspace Optimization

Increase accessibility, capacity and operational efficiency while enhancing environmental sustainability and improving safety with airspace simulation and management concepts.

Crew Management Solutions

We understand your need to be as efficient as possible when it comes to managing staff. Our crew management solutions offer advanced optimization, innovative architecture and seamless integration.

Data Solutions

Improve accuracy, efficiency and safety in your ground operations using the same high-quality data already powering many of the latest avionics systems.

Flight and Fuel Optimization

Improve productivity, lower costs and increase passenger satisfaction. Our flight and fuel optimization solutions empower your operation with real-time data to improve the performance of each flight.

Flight Data Analytics

Flight data analytics provides secure access to a common data set across your operation. You get faster insights on factors that have the biggest impact on safety, efficiency and the bottom line.

Navigation Solutions

Our navigation solutions go beyond charts and navigation data. The suite of products help to simplify workflows, improve communication on the ground and in the air, and increase heads-up time.

Network Operations Management

Leverage powerful optimization to make decisions based on your objectives. Maximize your aircraft/network efficiency, develop robust plans and identify disruptions while minimizing downline impacts.

Flight Operations benefits

Reduce fuel consumption

Fuel accounts for more than 25% of an operator’s expenses. It is second only to crew costs, and even that depends on the price of a barrel of oil on any given day. With fuel being a significant percentage of operating costs, even small adjustments can result in huge savings. Boeing offers a suite of products and services that help operators reduce fuel consumption by making your fuel data unified and simplified down to the last drop.

Optimize crew utilization

With personnel being an airline’s greatest expense, we understand your very real need to be as competitive as possible. With our crew solutions, you can improve operational stability, maximize schedule safety, and even create opportunities to improve your crew’s quality of life, from long-term planning to the day of operations.

Leverage real-time information

Our unique set of products and services leverage real-time information to help improve in-flight airplane performance based on atmospheric conditions. It provides pilots with the most up-to-date information related to weather and flight conditions, navigation and ownship positioning, and turbulence. On the ground, real-time information helps technicians know when a fault is occurring so they’re ready to find and order parts and service the minute that aircraft lands.

Minimize disruption impact

Disruption is not biased – it happens to all airlines. Passengers expect to reach their destination on time, and when flights are delayed, cancelled or rerouted, the impact is exponential. What matters most is how quickly and efficiently you can recover when the unexpected happens.

Increase asset availability

Airplane utilization requires close coordination among an airline’s own fleet planning, schedules planning, passenger reservations, flight operations, ground operations and airplane maintenance systems. From improving turn times, to ensuring you’ve got the right aircraft assigned to the right route, to planning for tomorrow through simulation, we can help make sure you’ve got an operation ready to take on increased flying.

Improve operator efficiency

Airlines are investing in more fuel-efficient airplanes, opening routes and improving service. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Boeing is designing and building more advanced products to support you each step of the way, both on the ground and in the air, from planning to the day of operation.