Jeppesen Crew Management System

Solutions from long-term planning to the day of operation

Maximize productivity and stability of your crew operation, while reducing costs with our tightly integrated and highly optimized Crew Management System (CMS). Our CMS comprises best-of-breed solutions that break down silos, enable more effective workflow, and amplify cross-functional collaboration. The ecosystem increases operational efficiency, productivity and performance – contributing to an exceptional customer experience.

Our products and services


Plan, control and analyze – in one tightly integrated ecosystem

The true vaalue of the Jeppesen Crew Management System lies in the ability for the six solutions to operate as one comprehensive ecosystem. Break down silos, provide more efficient workflows, and amplify collaboration across functional areas. Recognize greater operational efficiency, productivity and performance.

From planning to execution to analysis

Our crew management solutions share common properties that enable collaboration across the phases of flight, and build a strong foundation for a smoother day of operations while identifying opportunities for continuous improvement.