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Run the most efficient, safe, and reliable operations quickly. During one of the most challenging times in our industry, we want to help your bottom line by leveraging exponential data growth to shorten the time to insight. In this exclusive Flight Data Analytics webinar series, gain knowledge on how this suite of solutions can maximize your capabilities to discover answers to the questions that have the biggest impact on safety, efficiency and your core operation.

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Use existing data sources to drive your fuel and emissions programs

Monitoring fuel use across an airline's operation is a challenge for any operator. As part of the Boeing Flight Data Analytics suite, we will present Fuel Dashboard, Pilot Insight and Emissions Reporter as solutions to assist you in improving your fuel and carbon efficiency. During this webinar, we will discuss how to leverage existing data sources to drive insights that help you achieve meaningful fuel savings. We will also highlight how our platform handles complex data to benefit the entire operation. During our demonstration we will share how our solutions allow users to track over 30 operationally driven initiatives, perform flight profile analysis and visualizations and meet EU-ETS and CORSIA carbon reporting requirements. In 2019, we helped our customers save over 500,000 tons of carbon—find out how we can help you.

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Four ways to unlock deeper insights about trends in your flight operations

A well configured Flight Operational Quality Assurance (FOQA) or Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) solution can help you monitor trends in event occurrences. But what happens when you see an event increasing in frequency? You go back through historical occurrences of the event, and try to find the common thread—if there is one. But sometimes, even months of investigation don’t yield the answer you’re looking for. In this webinar, we will show you four ways you can dive deeper into your data to understand trend drivers in your operations and proactively get ahead of operational issues.

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Boeing Maintenance Solutions – Insight Accelerator

Boeing Maintenance Solutions – Insight Accelerator is an advanced analytics product that allows airlines to visualize, analyze and correlate their flight and maintenance data to discover precursor signatures and develop their own predictive alerts. The product has built-in augmented analytics, providing necessary anomaly algorithm templates for engineering analysts to develop algorithms predicting component failures. These algorithms can be customized based on an airline’s risk tolerance and maintenance priorities, and don’t require expertise in data science or programming.

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Dashboard Editor - embracing data across your organization

In today’s world, business leaders and individual contributors alike often struggle managing a single data source-of-truth within their enterprise. Dashboard Editor empowers organizations to deploy secure data distribution to user roles supporting various functional needs. Airlines are given the ability to create customized analysis using the 650+ parameters available within Fuel Dashboard. Users are equipped with the capability to create dedicated reports and dashboards through simple or advanced mathematical formulas. Airlines can apply diverse data triggers, filters and a range of visualization techniques to make informed decisions and bridge teams, promoting involvement, teamwork and collaboration across the airline.

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Explore, discover, and reveal new insights and opportunities to improve fleet reliability

Self-Service Analytics is a cloud-based descriptive analytics solution that provides operators with tools to discover fleet-wide issues and new opportunities for increasing reliability, operational efficiency and performance. Combining data from multiple databases, a library of built-in reports and visualizations, along with self-service capabilities to create their own ad-hoc reports, SSA enables reliability engineers to spot emerging and trending situations, research root cause and analyze industry trends and benchmarks—faster and more reliable than traditional, manual methods. Currently SSA already offers industry benchmarking analysis with 117 airlines amounting over 11,000 tails.

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Flight Data Analytics Suite

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