Safety Analytics

Proactively mitigate risk for
a more reliable safety operation

Personalized, fleet-wide safety monitoring to identify and understand operational trends

Boeing's Advanced Safety Analytics solution helps airlines work smarter by leveraging integrated contextual data sources across all flights so that users can quickly identify potential risk drivers and act before safety events occur, improving operational safety, flight efficiency and performance. This advanced analytics solution eliminates the manual burden of complex data ingestion and management by automatically processing large volumes of Quick Access Recorder/Continuous Parameter Logging (QAR/CPL) data for efficient analysis.

Advanced Safety Analytics allows you to personalize visualizations and dashboards to identify underlying trends and track the safety performance metrics that are most valuable to your operation. To ensure the highest level of security and privacy protection for your organization's sensitive flight safety data, Advanced Safety Analytics is designed with the latest multi-layered security standards focused on multi-factor authentication and data encryption.

Elevate your flight safety operation with data-driven decision-making and tailored pattern analysis to improve overall operational safety and flight efficiency.

Key benefits for improved operational safety

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Better lens on safety across flights and fleets

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From reactive to proactive measures
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SOP changes and training to address issues
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Enhanced cross-functional collaboration


Powerful data-driven analysis

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Thousands of precise pre-defined data points
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Efficiently automates full flight data processing
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Helps to manage global safety data across any fleet type and size

Customized analytics capabilities

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Customizable data visualizations to identify key trends
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Personalized dashboards to track unique organizational focus areas
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Decision support with unlimited integrated contextual data sources

Data security and regulatory compliance

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Highly secure permission-based access
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Cloud-based architecture with isolated single-tenant environments
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Incorporates industry best practices and compliance standards

Real world customer results

75% reduction
in long landings

50%+ reduction
in unstable approaches

tail strikes and hard landings

- Major international airline, 2022

Frequently asked questions

Download the Advanced Safety Analytics product sheet

Discover an in-depth analytics solution that goes beyond single-event exploration to highlight trends and leading indicators of safety-related events.

Download our product sheet and discover the ways that Advanced Safety Analytics supports proactive data-driven decision-making and improvements across safety and flight operations.