Flight Operational Quality Assurance/
Flight Data Monitoring

Continuously improve your flight operations and gain the sophisticated safety analysis
and actionable insights you need to keep advancing your operation.

Flight Operational Quality Assurance /Flight Data Monitoring (FOQA/FDM) provides traditional flight data monitoring and configuration capabilities with a collection of tools for single-flight analysis and event investigation. FOQA/FDM assists airlines in running an efficient operation and achieving compliance with regulatory agencies and safety audit requirements. Built to handle recorded flight data from tens of thousands of flights, FOQA/FDM provides secure, tailored access to a shared data set across an operation.

This digital safety solution is part of the Boeing Flight Data Analytics Suite, which is composed of advanced analytics products developed by aviation experts around a common flight data processing core. Each solution in the Flight Data Analytics Suite leverages integrated data analytics capabilities, enabling better decision-making based on factors that have the biggest impact on safety, efficiency, and the bottom line.

FOQA/FDM Benefits

  • Alignment with industry standards and best practices to achieve compliance
  • Data security and privacy protection for peace of mind
  • Automated processing of large volumes of recorded Quick Access Recorder or Continuous Parameters Logging (QAR/CPL) flight data for swift analysis

FOQA/FDM Features

  • Provides key details on all completed flights, including rotation, primary flight display information and a 3D replay
  • Allows users to configure event detection thresholds by aircraft and select second-by-second (or faster) parameters
  • Presents a list of all flights and where exceedances are flagged

FOQA/FDM Product Sheet

Learn more about FOQA/FDM and how it enables analysis of flight performance data against pre-established events and parameters.

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