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Empower predictive maintenance

Deliver more value to your airline by deriving more value from your data

Insight Accelerator is a first-of-its-kind predictive maintenance solution that provides powerful advanced analytics and customized alerting – all in an easy-to-use tool. By analyzing QAR/CPL full flight data, users can derive prognostic insights and create alerting algorithms unique to their airline’s operation. Harness the power of built-in augmented analytics to identify patterns of premature component failure to pre-emptively perform maintenance and avoid the high impacts of unwanted disruptions – all without needing data science or advanced programming skills.
Boeing’s Insight Accelerator is an advanced cloud-based solution that gives your team the power to understand complex data, uncover insights, and make smarter maintenance decisions. This predictive maintenance software is part of Boeing’s cloud-based Flight Data Analytics suite of solutions that enables airlines to grow into a robust, comprehensive analytics ecosystem using a common data processing core.

"There are many products on the market for flight data analytics but Boeing Insight Accelerator is the best suitable prognostic tool for our aircraft operation. There is no other selection for us." 

- Manubu Tono

All Nippon Airways (ANA), Manager of Planning & Administration, Engineering


Insight Accelerator Benefits

Improved Operational Efficiency
  • Easily manage and analyze full flight data with flexible do-it-yourself tools for faster insights
  • Automatically collect data from multiple integrated sources without manual and time-consuming data processing
  • Quickly identify data trends and leading indicators of events
  • Create prognostic alerts through built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Better Airplane Availability
  • Use custom alerts to proactively measure part failure
  • Turn unscheduled maintenance events into scheduled ones
  • Reduce AOG (aircraft on ground) events
  • Increase on-time flights
  • Protect revenue
  • Maximize useful service life of aircraft
Increased Schedule Reliability
  • Fly more flights on time, every time
  • Minimize flight disruptions
  • Provide faster insights into issues
  • Determine the best time to replace and repair components

Insight Accelerator Features

  • Easy to use

    • Provides automated data management and guided exploration to empower more people at your airline to make sense of the data  
    • Enables easy, self-guided prognostic development using customized alerts unique to an operation’s systems and processes
    • Eliminates the need for specialized data science or programming skills
    • Integrates with other Boeing Airplane Health Management solutions for single source alert monitoring
  • Automated

    • Delivers machine learning algorithms that help identify probable trends and critical issues at a granular level
    • Uses anomaly detection algorithms from pre-installed templates and tests their effectiveness against historical data
    • Assesses hundreds of candidate features to get a relative feature ranking for failure prediction
  • Secure

    • Supports cloud-based architecture with the highest level of security and privacy protection of sensitive flight data
    • Offers tailored access to a shared data set across an operation

Gain fast, actionable insights to answer your operation’s most challenging questions

Learn how Insight Accelerator provides advanced analytics solutions and quick detection for maintenance data – giving everyone the power to make smarter maintenance decisions.
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Use predictive maintenance to reduce aircraft on ground (AOG) events and keep your planes in the air

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