Flight Efficiency and Sustainability

Boeing Emissions Reporter

Stay in the clear with emissions compliance reporting

Emissions Reporter is part of the Boeing Flight Efficiency and Sustainability suite of solutions that collectively identify broad opportunities to reduce fuel consumption, costs, and emissions.

Emissions Reporter is a simple, cloud-based reporting tool for CO2 emissions to be used by commercial, business, and military aviation operations of any size. It’s the only solution on the market addressing the reporting requirements of the following regulatory schemes:

  • CORSIA (Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation)
  • EU-ETS (European Union Emissions Trading System)
  • CH-ETS (Swiss Emissions Trading System)
  • UK-ETS (UK Emissions Trading System)
  • French National Offsetting Scheme (domestic flights only)

For over ten years, Emissions Reporter has helped airlines quickly and easily manage data from hundreds of thousands of flights a year to ensure they fulfill their compliance reporting needs and minimize the associated costs and time involved.

"Using Emissions Reporter, I do not need to sort flights and fill the report forms manually any longer. It saves time and lets me focus on my other projects and tasks."

Darya Sotskova, Operations Analyst, Air Astana

Emissions Reporter benefits

  • All-in-one tool

    Meets the reporting needs of multiple global regulatory schemes
  • Rapid start

    Solution implementation averages one to two weeks
  • Built-in troubleshooting

    Find and fix data errors quickly, and identify gaps and warnings that may need attention
  • Automatic report generation

    Just click and send reports for all required carbon reporting formats
  • Secure, flexible, and available

    This web-based tool is always accessible, allowing you to work whenever and wherever suits you
  • Full administrative control

    Airlines can self-manage and configure the tool at any time

Emissions Reporter features

  • Includes efficient validation and auditing process with 60+ built-in data verification checks
  • Leverages embedded data gap infilling models EuroControl Small Emitters Tool (SET) and ICAO’s Carbon Emissions Reduction Tool (CERT)
  • Manages fuel and emissions calculations using any of the five regulatorily-permitted methodologies
  • Streamlines monitoring for all regulation types that can handle multiple Airline Operations Control Center (OCC) one account
  • Applies to annual carbon emissions reporting, as well as ongoing emissions tracking and monitoring
  • Developing functionality to automate the assignment, tracking, and calculation of emissions from Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF)