Flight Efficiency and Sustainability

Onboard Performance Tool (OPT)

Real-time weight and balance and landing calculations

Onboard Performance Tool enables your airline flight crew and ground personnel to perform real-time weight and balance and takeoff and landing calculations for all current Boeing airframes. Using current passenger, cargo, weather and runway conditions, it reduces maintenance costs by preventing engine wear and tear and increases revenue by optimizing passenger and cargo capacity.

Maximize payloads through optimization

Onboard Performance Tool provides self-planning capability through fast and precise calculations that save time by correcting for pressure variation, runway conditions and engine bleeds. Among other benefits and features, it:

• Provides quick, precise performance calculations.
• Increases airline revenue by optimizing payload for current takeoff conditions.
• Reduces engine maintenance costs by increasing flight takeoffs at lower derates.
• Reduces dispatch delay costs for each minute of delay saved per flight.

Coupled together with Jeppesen Airport Obstacle Database, no other product offers more precise calculations for your Boeing fleet than Onboard Performance Tool.

A solution for any platform

Onboard Performance Tool is the only solution serving three platforms, including:
  • A mobile version for use on iOS or Windows applications.
  • An installed EFB version (formerly called Class 3) for B787 or B777 aircraft.
  • A Windows standalone OPT, hosted on a PC or tablet.
Mobile and installed platform applications are supported by a Windows-based administration tool to create databases for the airborne Onboard Performance Tool app.

Integrate into your Electronic Flight Bag

Are you looking for a complete EFB solution? Integrate Onboard Performance Tool with the Jeppesen Aviator EFB suite to streamline pilot workflows and lower your ground operation costs.