Airplane Health

Increase airplane availability with real-time fault forwarding,
predictive maintenance alerts, and customized decision support

Improve fleet reliability and on-time performance with aircraft predictive maintenance analytics

Boeing’s Airplane Health Management (AHM) helps your airline avoid flight delays, cancellations, and drastically reduces aircraft time on ground (AOG). By receiving real-time maintenance alerts from aircraft that are in-flight, your maintenance organization is able to quickly identify the root cause of an issue and deploy the necessary people, parts, and equipment to service that aircraft and get it back in the air safely. Leverage Airplane Health Management to lower costs and create a more efficient maintenance operation by helping your maintenance crew respond faster and ensure your fleet stays on schedule.

Powered by a suite of analytics tools, Airplane Health Management provides customized alerts on a wide variety of models, systems, and components to predict faults and failures before they arise. These predictive alerts give your airline the ability to better adapt to unscheduled maintenance and coordinate replacement aircraft if necessary to increase your schedule reliability and airplane availability.

Plus, Airplane Health Management integrates seamlessly with Boeing’s ecosystem of Predictive Maintenance products such as Insight Accelerator, Self-Service Analytics, and Maintenance Performance Toolbox for unrivaled decision support and insight into your operational efficiency.

Take your scheduling and maintenance planning to the next level and become better prepared with Airplane Health Management.

Improve on-time performance with predictive maintenance analytics; 350 million fault database records; increase maintenance efficiency. Diagnostic data retrieved in flight. Information. diagnostic, operational, and prognostic alerts.


Real-time fault forwarding
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Improve schedule reliability and increase airplane availability
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Better preparation for unscheduled aircraft maintenance
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Industry-leading number and quality of alerts

Effective decision support
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Fleet-wide reference on past fixes for similar faults
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Item processing allows for easy alert disposition, prioritizing the most impactful faults
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Diagnostic data can be retrieved in-flight via the uplink request feature

Accessible and customizable
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Wide variety of custom alerts (prognostic, diagnostic, servicing, operation, and more)
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Alerts built on proprietary Boeing reports
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Custom alerts set at airline defined thresholds

We turn big data into actionable information

$1.2 million
Single-month savings
‒ Major international airline

Consecutive 100% technical
dispatch days

‒ 777 operator

Reduction in pneumatics-related delays
‒ Large network Next-Generation 737 operator

Reduction in average delay time
‒ 777 operator

1.8 million
Conditions evaluated per day

Major airline customers

Philippine Airlines to implement Boeing Airplane Health Management (AHM) Select

Philippine Airlines implements Boeing AHM Select, a data-driven airplane health management solution, to improve on-time flight reliability and reduce unplanned maintenance events.

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