Maintenance Optimization

Asset Management Solution

Maximize efficiency with an intuitive platform designed
to manage and monitor lease and asset life cycles

The ease of managing assets throughout their life cycle

Asset Management Solution (AMS) is a software tool that empowers lessors, financial institutions, airlines, and asset management firms to make intelligent decisions regarding owned and leased assets. 

AMS is a cloud-hosted, web-enabled solution that optimizes aircraft and engine lease management business processes. It is accessible via a secure and encrypted internet connection from anywhere worldwide, using any device with a supported web browser application.                                            

Utilizing the latest technology within a microservice-based architecture built from the ground up on APIs, AMS is designed to integrate with other products within the Boeing Leasing platform. This asset management software also offers the necessary interfaces to integrate with other third-party solutions, including: 

  • Customer CRM system (Salesforce, Dynamics, etc.)
  • Accounting software (SUN, Oracle, etc.)
  • Maintenance and Engineering tools
  • Document and Records Management tools

Why AMS?

  • Manages all aspects of aircraft/engine leasing

  • Improves efficiency in all business processes of aircraft and engine leasing

  • Enables better financial control of leased assets

  • Reduces risk through better insight

  • Reduces costs through the use of an industry-developed tool


Asset Management Solution Features

Asset Management Solution offers a variety of features to support your aircraft leasing or asset management business.