The ease of managing assets, optimizing operations, and reducing risk

Asset Management Solution (AMS) utilizes the latest cloud and web-based technologies to provide lessors, financial institutions, and asset management firms with a comprehensive asset and lease management capabilities throughout asset lifecycles.

Bringing together interconnected functions of asset management in a single application, AMS ensures comprehensive risk management through enhanced oversight, whether for a single asset or an entire portfolio.

This modular architecture provides integrations with other products within the AerData portfolio and other applications used by lessors.

This infographic illustrates how AMS integrates asset, agreement, maintenance, receivables, finance, insurance, risk, document, and alert management into one system. The system is supported with reference data, reporting, and user management.

Why Asset Management Solution?

  • Manages all aspects of aircraft/engine leasing

  • Improves efficiency in all business processes of aircraft and engine leasing

  • Enables better financial control of leased assets

  • Reduces risk through better insight

  • Reduces costs through the use of an industry-developed tool

Asset Management Solution features

Asset Management Solution offers a variety of features to support your aircraft leasing or asset management business.