Boeing Insight Accelerator

Improve airplane availability and overall airplane health by moving from unscheduled maintenance to scheduled maintenance

Insight Accelerator

Insight Accelerator (IA) is an advanced analytics solution offering QAR/CPL analysis that enables operators to derive prognostic insights and create alerting algorithms for effective predictive maintenance - all without the need for specialized data science or programming skills.

Harness the power of big data analysis to create alerts for critical issues without need for Data Scientists. Enable faster data analysis by reducing time needed in preparation work.

Discover probable predictors of component failures by using machine learning and avoid unwanted disruptions to your operation.


Insight Accelerator Benefits

  • Enables QAR/CPL based predictive analysis and creation of prognostic alerts without the need of data scientists
  • Improves efficiency in doing predictive analytics
  • Provides faster insights into issues
  • Easy alert generation to monitor faults
  • Simplified data analytics without the need for data scientists and programming skills
  • Built-in machine learning algorithms enable easy creation of alerts
  • Integrate QAR/CPL data with maintenance data

Insight Accelerator Features

  • Get all the tools needed to perform predictive maintenance using QAR/CPL data
  • Rapidly analyze years of flights data by visualizing integrated time-series QAR/CPL data and maintenance events
  • Discover probable predictors of component failures by using built-in statistical analysis functions
  • Leverage augmented analytics to rapidly assess hundreds of candidate features and get a relative feature ranking for failure prediction
  • Build and configure anomaly detection algorithms from pre-installed templates and test their effectiveness against historic data

Gain fast, actionable insights to answer your operation’s most challenging questions

Learn how Insight Accelerator and the Flight Data Analytics Suite provides advanced analytics solutions for safety, fuel, and operational efficiency. Click below to access the six-part recorded webinar series.

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