Boeing Mobile Logbook

Efficient, accurate tech logs for your entire fleet

Make it easy for your pilots, cabin crew, and maintenance teams to view, record, resolve, and share unscheduled maintenance issues and operational data for any type of airplane while ensuring each tech log record is complete and accurate.

Boeing Mobile Logbook helps you reduce the cost of managing paper logbooks and eliminate manual work and time-consuming data transfers from one application to another, resulting in ensured compliance and efficiency on the flight deck, in the cabin, and throughout the maintenance system.

Boeing Mobile Logbook Benefits

  • Replace manual, hand-written processes with efficient pre-filled drop-down menus and logical workflows.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance by implementing tech logbook workflows that complete all necessary steps.
  • Easily access current airplane status and historical information.
  • Automatically transfer data and cut manual work.
  • Improve data accuracy and completeness.

Airplane Pilot Interface

• Easily open and close a flight
• Accept aircraft/A/C for a flight
• View status updates
• Seamlessly enter complaints
• Simply complete forms
• Review cabin complaints
• Send recorded data automatically to maintenance planning systems
• Document fuel uplift/remaining fuel [optional]
• Conduct a preflight check [optional]
• Record autoland and de-icing events [optional]

Airline Flight Crew Interface

• Easily view the cabin status
• Seamlessly enter complaints

Mechanic Interface

• Seamlessly enter complaints
• Simply complete forms
• Add action/deferral/closure/references to complaints
• Give Certificate of Release to Service
• Synchronize with back end system for configuration updates
• Document fuel uplift
• Record Service fluid uplift
• Conduct a preflight check