Maintenance Program

Get the most from your fleet with efficient maintenance

Minimize cost, reduce ground time, and increase airplane availability with Boeing data analytics expertise.

Our Optimized Maintenance Program, powered by the digital analytics capabilities of Boeing AnalytX, analyzes each task in your maintenance program to determine the most effective intervals. From there, we develop the most optimized and efficient maintenance package considering your unique business model, capabilities, and constraints.

Optimized Maintenance Benefits

  • Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your maintenance program
  • Create additional revenue operation days
  • Reduce labor and material requirements
  • Reduce spare part holding costs
  • Support safety and reliability through establishing the optimal intervals for each maintenance task
  • Trust in 100% success when obtaining regulatory approval

Optimized Maintenance Features

  • Access customized analysis of each individual task interval
  • Incorporate your operation’s maintenance data and operational goals
  • Customize your program based on your operation’s unique environment and utilization
  • Leverage Boeing’s industry leading analytics capabilities