Boeing Flight Management System

Maximize operational efficiency

Introducing the new Boeing Flight Management System (BFMS) as standard on 737 MAX airplanes and as a retrofit on the 737 MAX and 737 NG.

An all-new flight management computer (FMC) for the 737 family, designed from the ground up with our airline partners and Boeing's expertise as a flight systems integrator. We are incorporating the desired commercial features to outfit all 737 MAX and 737 NG aircraft with a flight management system that will support today’s and tomorrow's demanding and evolving flights. 

The BFMS optimizes fuel efficiency, improves connectivity, and increases profitability. The BFMS integrates new FMC hardware and software that delivers new and improved features that matter most to your airline.


  • Increased speed and capacity

    The all-new modern architecture and computing hardware of the BFMC translates to increased processing speed up to 10x faster. A larger capacity can easily accommodate worldwide databases and allow space for future growth of new features and system updates.
  • Proven reliability

    With customer input, the BFMS is designed to meet the high-reliability expectations our customers depend on and is built to the highest quality standards. Tested and validated with real-world data. Day-to-day operations are predictable and reliable. In addition to daily performance, the BFMS has increased MTBF compared to the competition.
  • Comprehensive basic features

    The BFMS delivers value. Decrease fuel consumption, improve situational awareness, and reduce pilot workload and maintenance costs. In addition to including the legacy Flight Management Computer functionality, Boeing has also incorporated 16 new features and 30 improved features as basic functionality.
  • Fuel-saving optional features

    Get the most out of your BFMS with six new cost-saving features that improve flight planning, navigation, and performance. Reduce fuel consumption and carbon emission with the Optimized Flight Efficiency, and Fuel Flow Factor and Drag Factor Uplink features that provides more accurate fuel predictions.

Retrofit your FMCs to maximize operational efficiency

Boeing Fleet Management Computer

Boeing Flight Management System (BFMS) retrofit is available for 737 MAX and 737 NG.

Upgrade your Flight Management Computer (FMC) and start realizing the robust performance and cost-saving benefits of the BFMS. With customer input, the Boeing designed, built, and supported BFMS addresses the limitations of the legacy FMC, adds a comprehensive new and improved feature set, and delivers the reliable performance our customers expect. 

Boeing offers installation alternatives that allow you to minimize airplane downtime. Contact us for more information about specific airplane configurations. 

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