737 Space Bins

Retrofit to increase overhead bin storage by 50%

Proven retrofit solution for spacious carry-on storage is available on 737 MAX and Next-Generation

A game-changing upgrade in cabin storage

Elevate your passengers' experience with room for every carry-on. With capacity for six standard-sized bags in each bin, 737 Space Bins offer more storage space per bin when compared to Boeing Sky Interior pivot bins or standard interior shelf bins.

737 Space Bins redefine the travel experience by creating space for up to three more bags per bin and improving the passenger experience.

Improve return on investment with 737 Space Bin upgrade

737 Space Bins streamline boarding and turnarounds and unlock a world of operational efficiency. The lower bin lip height provides enhanced visibility and smoother bag loading. This enhancement lowers handling costs by streamlining transfers and minimizing gate checks. It also mitigates rebooking expenses incurred from passengers missing their connections.

737 Space Bins can generate an added revenue opportunity by freeing up space in the lower-hold for cargo.

Uplift your passengers' journey and transform your airline's efficiency by retrofitting your entire 737 fleet with Space Bins.

Boeing 737 Space Bins

50% more
cabin luggage space

Up to 1.25 bags
per passenger capacity

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Benefits of retrofitting 737s with 737 Space Bins

For airlines and lessors

  • Enables more passenger and cargo revenue
  • Fewer passenger-related delays and missed connections
  • Improves customer experience and satisfaction
  • Durable, reliable, and efficient design
  • Quick and easy installation

For gate, cabin, and ground crews

  • Enables faster boarding and deplaning times
  • Avoids gate checks and bag transfers
  • Requires less intervention and reorganization from cabin attendants

For passengers

  • Increases space for carry-on luggage
  • Easier bin access and visibility with a lower bin lip
  • Reduces bin anxiety

Overhead bin capacity comparison with 737 Space Bins

Aircraft type
Standard Bin configuration
Space Bins configuration
737 MAX 9 and 737-900ER
134 bags
199 bags (+65)
737 MAX 8 and 737-800
178 (+60)
737 MAX 7 and 737-700
146/134 (+50/44)