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    MRO Asia-Pacific

    Korean Air adopts Boeing’s Insight Accelerator for enhanced predictive maintenance

    Korean Air adopts Boeing's Insight Accelerator for predictive maintenance, leveraging QAR/CPL data to identify part degradation and optimize fleet maintenance.
    MRO Asia-Pacific

    Boeing's Landing Gear Exchange Program lowers capital costs

    Boeing's Landing Gear Exchange Program is a proven, cost-effective solution to repair and overhaul landing gear, reduces downtime, and enhances efficiency.
    MRO Asia-Pacific

    Philippine Airlines to implement Boeing Airplane Health Management (AHM) Select

    Philippine Airlines implements Boeing AHM Select, a data-driven airplane health management solution, to improve on-time flight reliability and reduce unplanned maintenance events.

    Bell names Boeing as the authorized supplier for Bell 212 and 412 Used Serviceable Material Parts

    Boeing's proven USM program ensures Bell helicopter customers will have a continuous supply of safe, quality, and dependable parts supported by its global supply chain network.
    EAA AirVenture

    Boeing and Michelin renew parts distribution agreement

    Michelin product lines provide extensive offerings for aviation customers.

    Boeing forecasts global demand for nearly 2.3 million new commercial aviation personnel

    More than half of demand for aviation staffing represented in China, Eurasia, and North America.

    Flight Data Analytics releases new features and connects with customers

    Learn more about newly released product updates to FOQA/FDM and highlights from Insight Accelerator at Aerospace Tech Week Europe.

    The basics of maintenance in general aviation

    Even the “pros” of our industry admit they need to be reminded from time to time of the basics of general aviation maintenance.
    Paris Air Show

    Japan Airlines adopts Boeing Insight Accelerator for 787 Dreamliner fleet

    Boeing and Japan Airlines (JAL) announced agreements that will improve the passenger experience including a digital predictive maintenance solution JAL helped develop and extensive interior modifications for a portion of JAL’s 787 Dreamliner fleet.