Fleet-wide documentation management keeps maintenance humming


In 2012 ANA became the first Boeing customer to centralize and digitalize intelligent maintenance documentation across a mixed commercial fleet when they implemented Boeing’s Digital Maintenance Performance Toolbox (Toolbox). Initially covering their 787 fleet, ANA later extended their usage of Toolbox to their entire fleet of Boeing and non-Boeing aircraft. 

“We strive to drive operational efficiency through our digital transformation, and cross-fleet maintenance solutions are crucial,” said Hajime Kaneko, Vice President of the Digital Transformation Portfolio Management Department at ANA. “Our introduction of Boeing’s Maintenance Performance Toolbox has yielded measurable time savings. With less effort expended navigating maintenance information, our maintenance teams can focus on higher-value tasks that minimize the downtime of our fleet,” he said.

Boeing research has shown that maintenance personnel can spend between 30 to 40 percent of their time researching and documenting maintenance related information. The Toolbox subscription-based suite is built with scalability in mind using a central document repository and modules that can be customized around an operator’s fleet, work environment and preferences.

The core data repository allows cross-functional teams to integrate and manage critical tasks such as authoring, document management and distribution, task cards and engineering order development, and archives – all in a format that provides easy navigation and optimizes maintenance execution.

Maintenance Performance Toolbox also uses advanced search capabilities that support the efficient retrieval of all required troubleshooting information – for a single airplane, or an entire fleet – whether it be fault code lookup, maintenance procedures, etc.

 “Boeing recognizes aircraft and engine fleets can include both leased and owned aircraft and are often comprised of mixed airplane types,” said Duane Wehking, Vice President of Digital Aviation Solutions for Boeing Global Services. “The Maintenance Performance Toolbox suite addresses these fleet complexities with a single-platform approach to simplifying the maintenance information process.”

ANA is a leader among a growing number – nearly 350 – operators with complex Boeing and non-Boeing fleets who benefit from the full-fleet capability of Maintenance Performance Toolbox.

Photo provided by Thai Airways

Thai Airways, which has been using the product suite for its 777 and 787 airplanes since 2007, added in their non-Boeing fleet in 2018. The airline recently renewed its existing service and expanded the non-Boeing coverage to include their newer fleet types.

“As we grow our fleet and introduce new airplane types, it’s critical for our maintenance teams to have access to up-to-date manuals that are in compliance with the latest regulatory standards, regardless of the airplane being serviced,” said Mr. Cherdphan Chotikhun, Chief, Technical Department, Thai Airways International Public Company Limited. “Toolbox adds efficiency to our maintenance operation by enabling technicians to access the maintenance documentation they need from anywhere at any time with our without network connectivity.”

For more information about how leading operators are leveraging capabilities of Toolbox to automate workflows and eliminate redundant tasks and to bring efficiency across the maintenance organization, visit our Maintenance Performance Toolbox product information page.