Bell names Boeing as the authorized supplier for Bell 212 and 412 Used Serviceable Material Parts

The Bell and Boeing agreement offers increased parts inventory and distribution efficiency for commercial helicopter customers.

Global inventory pool of used helicopter partsBell Textron, a Textron Inc. company, and Boeing signed an agreement naming Boeing as the authorized and endorsed supplier of Used Serviceable Material (USM) products for Bell 212 and Bell 412 customers and maintainers. Boeing’s proven USM program ensures Bell helicopter customers will have a continuous supply of safe, quality and dependable parts supported by its global supply chain network.

“The Bell and Boeing agreement is a significant effort in enhancing our global support to Bell customers around the globe,” said Chris Schaefer, vice president, Bell Customer Experience. “Bell will utilize Boeing’s advanced ecommerce platform, dynamic distribution model, as well as the increased parts availability to ensure our customers have ready and reliable aircraft to complete their missions.”

Boeing will offer USM parts for transactional purchase or on an exchange basis in which helicopter customers receive a repaired or overhauled component in exchange for their used core. All repaired or overhauled parts are FAA approved and processed through Bell’s Authorized Customer Service Facilities and Bell Authorized Maintenance Centers.

“Through this agreement, Boeing is creating one of the most comprehensive, global inventory pools of used helicopter parts in support of Bell customers,” said Travis Sullivan, vice president and general manager, Boeing Distribution Services. “Bell operators can now easily find the USM parts they need 24-7, through Boeing’s one-stop-shop distribution services business.”

Boeing’s exchange/rotables inventory includes a wide-ranging pool of USM rotable parts for Bell 212 and 412 helicopters, including airframe, main transmission, avionics, main rotor head, main rotor blades, tail rotor blades and gearboxes.

Bell sign the agreement naming Boeing as the authorized and endorsed supplier of Bell USM parts.

Travis Sullivan (left), vice president and general manager, Boeing Distribution Services, and Michael Thacker, executive vice president, Commercial Business, Bell, sign the agreement naming Boeing as the authorized and endorsed distributor of Bell USM parts. (Photo provided by Bell)

Boeing made a significant investment purchasing Bell 412 models to tear down and ensure it can provide USM parts from “tip to tail,” said Shaun Stubbs, manager of Commercial Rotorcraft Programs, Boeing Distribution.

“The rotorcraft market is looking for cost-effective solutions for their parts inventory – they need and expect USM parts,” Stubbs said. “The other advantage is that it allows us to support the market when there are supply chain challenges. A customer who would typically purchase a new part could use a USM part as a back-up if a new part isn’t currently available.”

Boeing manages the recertification of USM parts, which come from aircraft, engines and helicopter platforms. An airplane, for example can provide up to 6,000 recycled recertified parts, which retain high-value materials, prevent landfill waste and provide cost-efficient solutions to customers.

Boeing has a diverse, expansive parts and distribution services portfolio that includes more than 15 million parts, services and tailored solutions that reduce cost, risk and complexity for global customers. In addition, its USM inventory supports Boeing and non-Boeing platforms for commercial, business and helicopter operators, as well as MROs and engine overhaul shops.
Learn more about Boeing’s Used Serviceable Material Parts.

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