Boeing's Landing Gear Exchange Program lowers capital costs

Boeing helps reduce aircraft downtime with a proven economical repair and overhaul solution.

Boeing MRO landing gear front view

Landing gear is a critical component of any aircraft, ensuring a smooth and safe touchdown during every flight. Boeing’s Landing Gear Exchange Program combines innovation with a commitment to customer success by offering a proven solution that enhances efficiency and improves operators’ bottom line.

Why it matters: Over time, landing gear can wear down due to the immense forces and stresses endured during landings and takeoffs. By reducing maintenance costs, minimizing downtime, and providing high-quality components, airlines participating in the Landing Gear Exchange Program are able to focus on what they do best – delivering a safe and comfortable flying experience to passengers.

Boeing MRO landing gear side view

Boeing’s solution: The Landing Gear Exchange Program provides operators a streamlined solution when a landing gear becomes unserviceable or is in-need of a scheduled overhaul due to the number of hours or cycles. Landing gears are required to be overhauled about every 10-12 years, depending on aircraft use and model.

The program includes a complete ship-set of gears, installation kits, current configuration, incorporation of all in-warranty service bulletins, and replacement of all bushings and standard hardware.

Benefits include:

  • Capital efficiency: Reduces maintenance expenses by exchanging worn-out components, saving both time and inventory costs with a fixed and predictable cost.
  • Quick turnaround: Instant access to Boeing’s global distribution network ensures fast component replacement, minimizing aircraft downtime.
  • Quality assurance: Repairs and overhauls are done by Boeing qualified providers, meets all regulatory requirements, and backed by a three-year warranty.
  • Environmental impact: Promotes sustainability by extending the life of landing gear components, and reducing additional gear purchases required to perform in-house overhaul and repairs.
  • Customer focus: Boeing's program is customer-centric, addressing operator challenges and improving their bottom line.

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