Flight Data Analytics launches new Insight Accelerator solution and introduces new FOQA/FDM features

The Boeing Flight Data Analytics suite of advanced analytics solutions enables operators to gain greater insights for enhanced performance. Explore our most recent product updates:

- Insight Accelerator launches to market

- FOQA/FDM introduces a major product release

Insight Accelerator launches to market to help minimize Aircraft on Ground and unplanned maintenance events

Accurate, valuable insights for smarter maintenance decisionsOver the last few years, we have shared updates on the development of our predictive maintenance solution, Insight Accelerator, and in September, we officially launched it to market.

Insight Accelerator came to fruition through the hard work and innovation of a talented team of data scientists and developers — along with the strong partnership and support of participating airlines and subject matter experts across Boeing and the aviation industry at large. We celebrate this important product milestone together.

Boeing Flight Data Analytics – Insight Accelerator enables airlines to quickly and accurately identify indicators of premature part degradation or malfunctions, take proactive measures, and turn unplanned maintenance events into scheduled ones. This solution ultimately helps reduce Aircraft on Ground (AOG) and avoid the high impacts of disruptions.

Insight Accelerator helps customers manage the ever-increasing volumes of aviation data to derive important insights and improve operational efficiencies. This data can assist operators with the following:

  • Optimize airline fleet maintenance programs and support their adoption of predictive maintenance tools to manage the repair and replacement of components
  • Augment airline availability and schedule reliability
  • Enhance the overall passenger experience

Powered by built-in artificial intelligence, guided exploration, and powerful visualizations, airlines can quickly investigate flight and maintenance data, identify trends, and discover insights — all without requiring specialized coding or programming skills.

As a robust cloud-based solution, Insight Accelerator integrates Quick Access Recorder/Continuous Parameter Logging (QAR/CPL) full flight data with numerous additional maintenance data sources, so engineers can determine the best time to perform activities to maximize a fleet's useful service life.

This end-to-end predictive maintenance solution provides customizable algorithm templates for anomaly detection. It allows for creating and testing custom alerts based on an operation's unique systems and processes — a capability unique to Insight Accelerator.

If your airline is looking to harness data automation to perform tailored prognostic alerting – and keep your planes flying, saving you valuable time and money – let us know. Insight Accelerator puts the power of advanced data science to work, delivering more value to your airline by deriving more value from your data. 

FOQA/FDM introduces a major product release

The Flight Operations Quality Assurance/Flight Data Management (FOQA/FDM) portfolio recently launched release 2.0, introducing significant feature enhancements, and improvements in navigation and performance to help airplane operators conduct in-depth analysis of their safety-related flight events. The following sections highlight many of these significant updates. 


New three-class event severity system

Historically, an event severity score was calculated based on a single threshold. Release 2.0 allows users to configure three thresholds: low, medium, and high.

New flight list

The flight list provides the ability to view and search a list of all flights analyzed by FOQA/FDM — whether or not an event was triggered. Leveraging extensive usability research with our customers and focusing on user experience and ease of use, the flight list now consolidates multiple events into a single flight row to make identifying flights with multiple events more noticeable.

Enhancements in flight animation

There are many new updates to the flight animation features in the tool. They include options to track the runway center during takeoff and landing, the implementation of different smoothing rules on latitude and longitude on various stages of flight, dynamic sky has been enabled, ground segment visualization is available, and many more.

New events

There are several new events available for use. Climb Out Speed Low detects low climb out speed at three altitudes. Early Autopilot Engagement detects an early autopilot engagement after takeoff. Excessive Bank During Climb or Approach monitors the aircraft roll angle (bank) at different altitudes.