How can Electronic Logbooks help streamline operations?


We’ve all seen how the aviation industry and the world have changed in the last year. Numerous measures have been taken to recover from a climate unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. Operators are looking for solutions that will help reduce costs and streamline operations. Adapting a digital approach, like replacing paper with digital tools, will be key to finding and implementing those efficient business practices on the road to recovery.

Technical logbooks play an important role in airline operations. As the primary resource for recording faults and unscheduled maintenance work for the aircraft, logbooks provide up to date visibility of maintenance records prior to takeoff, which helps operators prepare for the flight. Paper logbooks often require extensive resources for tracking and record keeping and do not provide the efficiencies needed for today’s airlines for communicating critical information to the airlines operation. In addition to being paper-heavy, traditional technical logbooks can present risks including non-visibility to potential compliance issues, illegible or missing tech logs, and damaged paper logs. This can lead to service and flight delays, and potentially grounded aircraft – which could lead to a significant loss in revenue.

Boeing Mobile Logbook eliminates the shortcomings of paper logbooks and provides much needed efficiency and accuracy to flight deck, cabin and line maintenance personnel as they perform critical flight dispatch related activities. The Windows and iOS based application replaces paper logbooks for an entire fleet including Boeing and non-Boeing aircraft. The logbook software enables pilots, cabin crew and maintenance teams to easily capture and resolve aircraft faults and other cabin related issues, while automatically transferring data to core maintenance planning systems. Boeing Mobile Logbook helps reduce the cost of managing paper logbooks, eliminates manual work and time-consuming data transfers from one application to another, which results in ensured compliance and efficiency on the flight deck, in the cabin, and throughout the maintenance organization.

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