A decade on, Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro remains first and best EFB solution

FliteDeck Pro continues to innovate after 10 years of digital evolution and revolution in flight deck and navigation services

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In the summer of 2012, Boeing’s Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro launched – the very first electronic flight bag (EFB) application to test the waters of what, at the time, felt revolutionary: pilots flying with digital charts and maps, free of the paper binders that had defined so much of the cockpit experience for generations.

Fast forward 10 years, and FliteDeck Pro remains on the cutting edge of innovation as the industry’s leading EFB, used by more than 600 aviation organizations daily. From recently added features such as Smart Airport Maps and ADS-B connectivity to the ongoing foundation of Jeppesen flight data, FliteDeck Pro has earned its place as the industry standard EFB.

FliteDeck Pro continues to innovate with the integration of Jeppesen Smart EFB technology, enabling the depiction of even more contextual information to their digital maps. Pilots have instant access to flight-relevant information specific to their current weather conditions, geospatial location, aircraft type or other operation-specific preferences.

The digital solutions revolution in aerospace across the last decade has enabled airlines to make impressive strides in their operational efficiency and sustainability targets. From the first electronic flight bags (EFBs) to sustainable benefits provided by digital solutions, like Fuel Dashboard, Boeing continues to innovate in helping customers uncover cost or efficiency savings that reduce fuel consumption, track emissions, and improve overall operations.

The statistics below capture the impressive impact FliteDeck Pro has had over the past 10 years:

  • 100M+ paperless flights enabled
  • 300,000+ devices enabled
  • 860,000+ data downloads weekly
  • 40 TB data transferred monthly
  • 1.3 TB data transferred daily

  • 600+ aviation organizations supported
  • 300,000+ Pilots supported
  • 40,000+ paperless flights enabled daily
  • 25,000 airports around the world connected
  • 5M passengers united daily

  • 5B+ sheets of paper not printed
  • 305,000 trees not cut
  • 6,111 acres of forest not cut
  • 6.3M kg of paper removed from airplanes
  • 271,431 metric tonnes of fuel saved
  • 857,722 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions avoided

Moreover, Jeppesen’s continued innovations across the platform, supported by world-class, 24/7 customer service, are designed to address ever-changing conditions and needs globally to best benefit commercial airlines’ operational and sustainability goals by improving flight efficiencies.

Digital technologies have forever changed the landscape of the aerospace industry, and the past decade has illustrated the enduring value of FliteDeck Pro.

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