Philippine Airlines to implement Boeing Airplane Health Management (AHM) Select

Data analytics and prognostics will drive improved fleet dispatch reliability

Philippine Airlines Implements Boeing AHM Select for Airplane Health Management

Anticipating a busy peak season and increased holiday festival traffic, Philippine Airlines maintenance and engineering teams evaluated the latest digital maintenance products to help them improve on-time flight reliability and minimize time spent on unplanned aircraft maintenance events. After exploring several options, the airline signed a five-year agreement for implementation of Boeing’s Airplane Health Management (AHM) Select product, replacing their existing system.

“We needed stronger prognostic capabilities, and a product that could also directly connect and effectively share data with our existing maintenance and engineering systems,” said Captain Leo Bernabe, Philippine Airlines OIC/SVP for Airline Operations. “We determined that as an OEM solution, Boeing AHM Select offered the best approach to help us maintain our Boeing 777-300ER fleet and ensure greater reliability in the operation of our nonstop transpacific and transpolar flights between Asia and North America.”

The Boeing AHM Select product provides strong prognostics and diagnostics capability based on more than 20 years of data collected from operator experiences, combined with the domain knowledge of Boeing on airplane-specific fleet metrics. Fueled by these data-driven insights, AHM Select is designed to deliver better information related to parts orders, decreased engineering workload, reduced labor time, and increased available flight time – resulting in improved management of costs and operations efficiency for the airline.

AHM Select is the latest tier version in Boeing’s popular AHM product line, now offering additional functionality with Self-Service Analytics. This feature enables an airline to generate custom reports to trace a specific identified issue or chain of events that might lead to a potential fault found or Aircraft on Ground (AOG) situation. This predictive maintenance capability also allows operators to take a deep look at challenges that may be unique to their operation.

Upcoming product enhancements for AHM Select include a more intuitive user interface design, improved workflow functionality, and additional product training support with new learning videos and job aids.

“We appreciate that Boeing will be proactively working with us and other airlines in the future to continue to enhance AHM Select, and this will help drive continuous improvement in our operations efficiency,” said Capt. Bernabe of Philippine Airlines. “We believe these focused development efforts will also help us continue to advance the overall technology ecosystem at Philippine Airlines, with long-term benefits in terms of safety and reliability.”

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