Boeing Integrated Operations Center delivers seamless connection and greater efficiencies

The next step on Boeing’s journey of integrating applications and services will enable automatic information sharing and integration

Boeing integrated operations center can help your airline

Boeing’s growing ecosystem of digital tools and services already offer significant cost and efficiency savings to customers, but when they are integrated together, seamlessly sharing information and data among the key players in a commercial airline’s operations, the systems achieve a multiplier effect.

We are continuing our journey of integrating these services by releasing the Boeing Integrated Operations Center (Boeing IOC), a suite of interconnected core capabilities that includes Operations Control, Crew Management, Communication, Flight Planning, Tail Assignment and Flight Scheduling.

The more an airline can operate according to plan, the happier its passengers will be. With Boeing IOC, operators can maintain the integrity of day-to-day operations and recover quickly from disruptions. Best suited for medium-to-large airlines, the suite provides total situational awareness across departments to enable quick problem solving and prevention.

1+1=3. When our systems are used together, they achieve a multiplier effect that delivers additional value not otherwise achieved. Customers will maximize value through enhanced workflows, optimization, data sharing, and alerting across a variety of an airline’s business functions.

The Boeing IOC includes Flight Planning tools that minimize potential disruptions with first-time flyable routes. It is also connected and configurable, so customers can customize the suite based on their operational requirements. Operators can configure individual systems to their business rules.

The built-in integration of the Boeing IOC shares data across systems, so operators can make faster, more informed decisions and provide a better passenger experience.
 Capability  Product
 Operations Control  Jeppesen Ops Control
 Crew Management  Jeppesen Crew Tracking
 Communication   FlightChat
 Flight Planning  - Jeppesen Flight Planning with FliteBrief
 - Jeppesen Runway Analysis
 - JetPlanner Pro
 Tail Assignment  Jeppesen Tail Assignment
 Flight Scheduling  Jeppesen Flight Scheduling