Chemical Logistics and
Management Programs

Reduce the hidden costs of chemical inventory

Chemicals are unlike any other item in your inventory. They must be stored and handled securely, accounted for with environmental compliance reporting, and disposed of in special ways. These plus other factors mean chemicals often carry costs up to five times higher than their purchase price.

Boeing chemical solutions allow you to reduce these hidden costs by leveraging our technology, lean processes, and product expertise to deliver value to your operation. We have you covered from supply chain management to waste reduction and safety data sheet/certification document maintenance.

Through this program, customers like you may realize a direct improvement of up to 25% to their bottom line. When it comes to managing your chemical inventory, your savings start here.

Learn five practical ways to convert your chemical inventory costs into savings

Your chemical inventory is costing you more than you may think. Studies have shown aviation chemicals can cost two or more times higher than their purchase price when storage, transport, shelf-life, compliance, waste, etc., are factored in. These factors mean that chemicals are unlike any other item in your warehouse. They require an extra layer over and above the costs associated with other parts. The video focuses on five practical ways to convert some of these costs to savings, including areas such as shelf-life management, compliance reporting, forecasting and planning, and right-sizing your inventory while reducing operational risk.

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Chemical solutions benefits

  • Realize a direct improvement of up to 25% to your bottom line.
  • Improve transaction costs, speed, and accuracy through automation.
  • Lower inventory levels.
  • Create more reliable forecasts.
  • Minimize scrap rates and waste.
  • Tailor solutions to your specific needs for total chemical life-cycle cost reductions.

Chemical solutions capabilities

  • Consolidate your supply chain.
  • Manage stock levels and shelf-life.
  • Distribute at your point of use.
  • Get just-in-time delivery.
  • Aggregate billing.
  • Streamline your usage, environmental, EHS, and other reporting.
  • Control HAZMAT documentation and access.
  • Manage documents and SDS (EHS) electronically.

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