Managed Part and Repair Programs

Exchange Programs

The best option for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance

Exchange programs help you minimize inventory, lower costs, and maintain aircraft reliability. When a high-value part such as landing gear or a flight control surface needs repair and overhaul, customers participating in this program can simply call for an exchange part, install the new assembly, and send the old one back where it will be refurbished and added to the exchanged inventory. Exchange parts save time and get your aircraft back in service sooner.

Landing Gear Exchange Program

The Boeing Landing Gear Exchange Program saves you time by eliminating the need to manage the repair and overhaul process. Our Boeing team manages all parts, engineering, and technical aspects. When your landing gear needs replacing, we provide you with fully overhauled landing gear that is ready to go. Then, we repair your old landing gear and return it to the pool. You receive predictable pricing, reduced inventory investment, and instant access to Boeing’s global inventory of fully overhauled landing gear.

Component Services Program

Our pooling program ensures fast and easy access to components when you need them. The Boeing Component Services Program is a comprehensive rotables exchange and repair service that increases your efficiency in the management of high-value, line-replaceable units. As a program participant, you receive instant access to a customizable component inventory pool, all managed by Boeing.

Nacelle and Flight Control Surfaces Exchange Program

The Boeing Nacelle and Flight Control Surfaces Exchange Program provides you with the largest and most comprehensive Boeing nacelle and flight control surfaces inventory pool worldwide. Our Boeing team enables an easy transition and ensures that you have the quality standards, technical support, engineering expertise, and in-region repair capabilities.