Part Kits

Gain efficiency with part kits

Ordering and stocking are easier with Boeing part kits. You can find part kits to support your commercial, business, or military aviation needs, or your OEM operation. We offer kit types for all of your maintenance needs, including standard, service bulletin, and customized kits. Choose from over 45,000 active kits available from Boeing.

If you are a commercial customer, you can use the Service Bulletin Advisor application on MyBoeingFleet to find and evaluate maintenance bulletins for your fleet. Kits available for many of the service bulletins. Find the right kit to streamline your operation.

Part Kit Products

Custom Engineered KitsPerforming a fleet-wide modification or update? We can assemble a custom kit and ship it to your warehouse or maintenance bases.

Customer-defined Bill of Material (BoM) KitsOrder parts faster and more efficiently using the customer-defined Bill of Material (BoM) Kits.

Service Bulletin and Retrofit KitsOne click and you are done. Commercial customers can start using service bulletin and retrofit kits today on