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Paint Mixing Services

High-quality, true-color aircraft paint mixing services that match up with your needs

Boeing provides aircraft paint mixing solutions of exceptional quality with excellent service that delivers on appearance and performance. We offer high gloss, durable, chemical resistant, and color retaining aerospace coatings that come from partnering with the leading OEM paint manufacturers in the aerospace industry.

Paint Mixing Features & Benefits

  • Expect consistently high-quality products with exclusive use of Sherwin Williams paint
  • Get rapid paint procurement, as your order is mixed and prepared for shipping in as little as two days
  • Eliminate waste by only ordering what you need with our flexible order quantities (pints, quarts and gallons) and right-sized painting solutions
  • Avoid safety issues with our safe packaging processes that ensure your paint products arrive securely with a safety ring attached and placed inside a spill proof bag
  • Save ordering time with our comprehensive market basket of paint and paint related products that provide everything you need through one source
  • Reduce unnecessary reorders through our certified quality checks that protect against damaged product to ensure your paint arrives whole and complete
  • Comprehensive market basket of paint and paint related products saves you time by providing everything you need through one source. View our Paint Catalog
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Paint Mixing Capabilities

Here are just a few reasons to make Boeing your preferred paint mixer:

  • Our paint team is dedicated to providing you the exact color you need. We will guide you through the ordering process and make recommendations based upon our over 45 years of combined experience. We will also act as a liaison between you and the paint manufacturer.
  • No pigments here! Each color we use in the intermix system is a separate paint, which ensures the truest color possible. We mix your paint according to our manufacturers formulas which have been matched to various color standards.
  • If you need a customized color, just provide us with a sample and we will use our Color Eye to calculate its formula. Our team of experts will verify the match to ensure you are getting the perfect color.
  • For added support, our manufacturer technicians are available for certain site visits to help you mix and apply coatings. We can also provide classroom training if you are looking for additional insight into our products and their application
  • We have a wide range of primer products that include several different topcoats in polyurethane, acrylic, high solids and base coat/clear coat technologies all in a very wide range of colors
  • We also carry paint stripper, 3M abrasives and tapes, sealants, and health and safety products like respirators, protective clothing and gloves, making us a single source for any painting project
  • We have stock available at your local branches, or you can place your order through our website, over the telephone, via fax, or by contacting your sales representative
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Helpful Resources

Product Safety Data Sheets (SDS) can be found on the individual product pages on

View our paint catalog and comprehensive market basket of paint and paint related products. 

Sherwin Williams intermix tech data sheets are accessible through the following links:
View Paint Catalog