Used Serviceable Materials

Get certified parts cheaper and faster

Reduce maintenance costs and improve operational efficiency with our quick, low-cost way to meet your material needs.

Our Used Serviceable Materials (USM) program provides you with rapid access to thousands of parts across all platforms and ATA chapters, such as propulsion, interiors, kitting, structures, landing gear, systems, and engines. We offer end-of-life solutions for customer fleets scheduled for retirement, help manage surplus inventory, and support emergent parts demand.

Used Serviceable Materials Benefits

  • Maximize your budget with our market-based pricing.
  • Maintain part traceability back to last regulated source (121, 129, 145, OEM).
  • Trust in 8130-3 FAA, EASA Form 1, CAAC, TCAA certifications.
  • Operate with the safety net of our one-year warranty on all USM parts.