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Guest Services

Badges and Security
You will receive your badge on the first day of training. Please always wear it clearly visible above the waist while you are at the Seattle Campus. If you visit other areas of Boeing, please be aware that you should be escorted by a Boeing employee, both for your safety and for security reasons. We appreciate your willingness to abide by this policy. Absolutely no alcoholic beverages are allowed on Boeing premises or on Boeing transportation.
Please contact Guest Services for banking information. The staff at your accommodations can also advise you about bank hours and services. Please do not carry large amounts of cash on your person. A cash machine is located in the cafeteria.
The use of personal cameras (both still and video) is not permitted at the Seattle Campus. The only exception is the use of personal cameras to take pictures of fellow classmates in the lobby areas on the first and second floors and immediately outside the primary entrance to the center. Requests for pictures outside of these areas require special permission. We will work with our students to accommodate these needs.
Class Schedule
Your instructor will give you your class schedule on the first day of training.
Fitness Center
Guests who are attending Maintenance Training courses at the Seattle Campus may use the 24-hour fitness center on the first floor. Please see Guest Services for an application and information. There is a monthly fee of $40 for this service.
Food Service
The cafeteria serves breakfast from 0630 to 0900 and lunch from 1100 to 1300, Monday through Friday. Various other food items and beverages are available all day from 0630 to 1500. Vending machines are conveniently located just inside the cafeteria entrance.
Gift Store
The gift store, located on the first floor behind the escalators, is open Monday through Friday, 0900 to 1600. For more information about the store, please check with the lobby receptionist or call 206-662-3478.
Lobby Receptionist
The lobby receptionist can answer your questions, assist you with lost items, and find storage for your luggage. The receptionist can be reached at 206-662-3422. Lobby hours are 0700 to 1530, Monday through Friday.
Mail and Messages
Mail addressed to customers in care of the Seattle Campus may be delayed. We recommend that your personal mail be sent to the address of your accommodations. While you are at the Seattle Campus, messages may be left for you at 206-662-4088. You can pick them up at Guest Services.
Medical Services
If you become ill during training, please notify your instructor and Guest Services, who can arrange for transportation to the nearest medical facility. Please be aware that private treatment may be at your expense. If you become ill during the day and cannot attend class, please notify your instructor. For medical emergencies that occur away from Boeing, call 911. For emergencies at Boeing, dial 911, then 206-655-2222.
Passports and Visas
If you are a visitor to this country, you are required to carry your passport at all times during your stay. If you plan to visit Canada while you are here, check with Guest Services for information on obtaining a visa from the Canadian consulate. You will be responsible for any fees involved in obtaining or extending your visa.
At the Seattle Campus, you will find telephones available for toll free and local calls, including calls to other Boeing facilities.
Tobacco-free Workplace Policy
Use of tobacco products is no longer permitted on Boeing property. Tobacco products are defined as pipes, cigars, cigarettes, chew, snuff, snus (spitless tobacco) and clove cigarettes. Employees, customers, suppliers, and visitors are not allowed to use the products while on all company-owned property. Boeing premises are defined by building entrances and sidewalks, parking lots (including vehicles parked on Boeing property), and loading docks. If you choose to smoke, off Boeing property, a Secure Token will be made available for you to re-enter the building through a side door instead of the main entrance. Please contact your instructor for information.
Training Materials
Depending on your training program, at the end of training, you may be eligible to have us arrange shipping of your training materials to an address provided. Your instructor can provide you with instructions on packing, labeling, and addressing.
Transportation is available to and from accommodations near the Seattle Campus. Because Southcenter and Tukwila are located conveniently near our building, we recommend that you choose accommodations in these areas. Both Southcenter and Tukwila offer a wide range of shopping, dining, and entertainment. Depending on your training program, you may be eligible to take advantage of Boeing Transportation. If so, Boeing Transportation will pick you up at your accommodations approximately 15 to 30 minutes before the start of training in the morning and return you at the end of the training day. Contact Guest Services for details. Please notify Guest Services at 206-662-4088
• If your accommodations or pickup and return times change.
• If you do not need transportation. Please let us know before or on the first day of class.
We regret that we cannot provide transportation to private residences or to anywhere other than the Seattle Campus and your accommodations. If you need assistance arranging private transportation during your stay, call Guest Services or ask the staff at your accommodations. They are knowledgeable about local public and private transportation.

Personal and rental vehicles are allowed. Parking rules are strictly enforced at the Seattle Campus. Vehicles may be parked within stalls marked Airline Customer or any unmarked stall. Vehicles parked in any other marked stall will be towed.
Travel and Ticket Arrangements
If you need to change your airline reservation, please call the airline. We regret we are unable to make your personal travel arrangements.