Virtual Procedures Trainer

Increase student retention with virtual pilot procedures training

Realistic flight deck training at your pilot’s fingertips

Boeing’s Virtual Procedures Trainer is an iOS app that empowers your pilots to learn and practice critical procedures whenever and wherever is most convenient: at home, on the road, online, or offline.

Our virtual learning library of 15+ high-definition core scenarios enables beginner and experienced pilots to familiarize themselves with the 737 flight decks and practice realistic and repeatable procedures that you can easily customize to reflect your organization’s unique workflows and standards.

Virtual Procedures Trainer Benefits

Airlines and Flight Schools
  • Increase material retention by enabling pilots to engage with the materials at the time and place that works best for them
  • Empower flight instructors to create more effective learning approaches that reflect your unique standards and workflows for procedures training
  • Reduce training costs by maximizing time spent in fixed based devices and simulator training sessions
  • Reduce monitoring and compliance time by ingesting student performance data into your existing learning management system and training program (coming late 2022)
  • Facilitate understanding by letting pilots choose the role that best matches their needs: Captain, First Officer, Pilot Flying, and Pilot Monitoring
  • Boost knowledge retention through a high-quality 360° experience with interactive panel controls and active relevant flight deck warning sounds
  • Increase engagement by selecting the skill-level that matches theirs: beginner or expert
  • Encourage participation by making this pilot training app available on their iPad 24/7 with access to training content in an online/offline mode
  • Increase learning development with the ability to turn on or off non-normals in procedures 
Instructors and Instructional Designers
  • Easily author new lessons leveraging the entire library of high-fidelity 3-D images
  • Edit existing lessons to match your organization’s unique maintenance standards and workflow
  • Restructure and optimize lesson flow to better meet the unique needs of your organization or trainees

Scenario Library

Our 737 Virtual Procedures Trainer consists of a core library of 15+ high-definition, customizable scenarios that span every phase of flight and every pilot role. Our pre-flight, in-flight, and post-flight simulated procedures include:

  • Along Track Displacement
  • Approach Procedure
  • Before Takeoff Procedure
  • Before Taxi Procedure
  • CDU Preflight
  • Changing Destination
  • Climb and Cruise Procedure
  • Descent Procedure
  • Enter Holding Fix Into Route
  • Exterior Inspection
  • Exit Holding Pattern
  • Inactive Route Modification
  • Intercepting a Leg (Course) to a Waypoint
  • Preflight CA
  • Preflight FO
  • Preliminary Preflight
  • Proceeding Direct to a Waypoint (overwrite)
(Coming Soon):
  • After Landing
  • Electrical Power Up
  • Electrical Power Down
  • Secure Shutdown