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Maintenance Training

World-class in-person and virtual training courses
backed by more than 100 years of Boeing engineering expertise

Hands-on experience and flexible digital courseware for more effective aircraft technicians

Boeing Maintenance Training offers the engineering expertise and tools to help airlines and MROs train their aircraft maintainers more efficiently. Whether you are enrolling in per-seat maintenance courses or having our world-class instructors train your airplane maintainers at your facility, Boeing Maintenance Training provides a comprehensive and convenient learning experience for student technicians.

By incorporating our cutting-edge Maintenance Synthetic Trainer, students have access to accurate Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) system simulations in an immersive environment that reinforces the course material and improves retention. This engaging approach to training helps aircraft technicians better retain information and apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios.

Boeing Maintenance Training offers industry-leading training expertise paired with OEM engineering and airplane data to provide student technicians with the highest quality and most effective maintenance training available.

Maintenance Synthetic Trainer

Interactive maintenance training, no airplane required

Bring the airplane to the classroom – or anywhere you happen to be. This virtual maintenance training offers line-oriented scenarios for the 737 MAX, 777X, 787 Dreamliner, and 737 Next-Generation. It's customizable to fit your operation and is available anytime, anywhere via MyBoeingFleet.


Maintenance Training Services

Leverage our world-class maintenance training courseware that allows airlines to seek regulatory approvals and train their organization at their own location. Plus, license a rich collection of training materials and tools, such as active schematics, videos, synoptics, and much more.

Our comprehensive maintenance training spans multiple certifications and engine manufacturers for a more engaging learning experience. To avoid downtime, limit travel, and save money, your organization can take advantage of Boeing's expertly crafted Maintenance training courseware at your own facility.

Maintenance Training Courses

Boeing Maintenance Courses offer a wide variety of per-seat training, e-learning opportunities, and training products. Our airplane experts offer courses covering: General Familiarization, B1/B2 Line and Base, Ramp and Transit, Differences, Fiber Optics, and Engine Run and Rigging. We also offer cutting-edge Practical training that is regulatory approved for the 737 MAX, 777X, and 787 Dreamliner.

Prerequisites and recommendations for student airplane maintainers


    English oral and reading comprehension level to International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Level IV standards.

    Boeing recommends three years of maintainer experience before attending type course.

    Theoretical certificate is required before attending Practical Training.

    Structures Engineering courses are designed for students with a four year BS degree in Engineering.

    Structures Technician courses are designed for students with varying shop experience.

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