Wind Updates

Help your operation fly more efficiently with our real-time wind updates

Wind Updates provides automated, individual aircraft and flight-specific wind and meteorological data delivered to the flight deck. By tracking the flight, Wind Updates intelligently selects the most appropriate routes based on wind and temperature for each flight, derived from the best source of wind data available.

Always have access to the most accurate wind information

Wind Updates is part of our subscription-based services to help your operation fly more efficiently. In-flight optimization services are designed to maximize performance by fully leveraging the capability of the aircraft. This helps you:

• Improve on-time performance
• Increase fuel efficiency
• Find the best data for descent 30 minutes prior to top of descent

Tailored for each aircraft and FMC combination

Wind Updates leverages the data for maximum functionality within each aircraft. Available by pilot request during pre-departure and cruise, flight crews always have access to the most accurate information for their amended flight trajectory.
  • Reduces fuel consumption by up to hundreds of pounds of fuel per flight
  • Reduces crew workload
  • Improves step-climb accuracy, cruise altitude management, top-of-descent, descent trajectory, and approach stability