Parts and Distribution Services

Managed Part
and Repair Programs

Improve reliability and reduce costs with managed programs

Minimize inventory costs, maintain aircraft reliability, and reduce operational complexity with Boeing’s managed inventory and repair programs.

Our global supply chain and expansive distribution network allow you to optimize your inventory operation from procurement to bin management. Your route to streamlined operations and savings starts here.
Managed Part and Repair Programs

Chemical Logistics and Management

Reduce hidden chemical costs with our chemical logistics and management program. Boeing chemical solutions can help reduce waste and management costs typically in the range of 10% to 25% direct improvements to the bottom line.

Exchange Programs

When a high-value part becomes un-serviceable or needs an overhaul, gain quick access to globally positioned parts. Install the part quickly and return an airplane to service while reducing inventory investment. Exchange programs include rotables, landing gear, and flight control surfaces.
Exchange Programs

Aerostructures Exchange Program

Receive service-level-based access to dispatch-critical aerostructure components with improved capital efficiency and reduced costs of repairs.

Integrated Materials Management

Improve your cash flow, reduce complexity, and build savings when Boeing manages your consumable and expendable inventory.

Part Lease Programs

Streamline your operation and minimize downtime. This program allows you to temporarily lease parts while the original is out for repair.

Warranty Management

Cut down on warranty processing time with our online service. Streamline your warranty operations with automated tracking, immediate delivery of claim receipt acknowledgments, and elimination of delays in receiving claims.