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Your trusted partner for aviation project success

Aviation Business Solutions' Results Management team offers a wide range of services tailored to the aviation industry. From enhanced cost management to reliability and operational efficiency, we will guide you through analysis to solution development and implementation.  

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Streamlined solutions for aviation projects

We maintain high expectations for our project management services and strive to standardize processes to ensure consistent execution for our customers. We partner with your team to deliver projects that meet the triple constraints of scope, time, and cost. Our goal is to provide professional support for the management and execution of your projects, enabling you to achieve consistent and efficient project delivery.


With our expertise and dedication to excellence, our Results Management team is here to help you successfully navigate the complexities of project management in the aviation industry.

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Our Results Management services

  • Aviation project management

  • Aviation program management

  • Process support and design

  • Airline staff augmentation support

  • Supplier support

  • Portfolio management

  • Business support for Aviation Business Solutions engagements

Partner with our Results Management consulting practice

We bring our expertise to every engagement. 

Program management expertise

  • Holistic performance monitoring of inter-related projects 
  • Strategic program planning and execution to meet operational goals
  • Training and development of project management teams and practice within the operation

Project management expertise

  • Monitoring and maintenance of schedule, budget, and scope of projects
  • Team building and facilitation
  • Reporting and documentation of projects for executive awareness and iterative improvement in future projects

Aviation industry knowledge and experience

  • Access to Aviation Business Solutions consulting practices, Boeing resources, and product specialists
  • Specialization in aviation operations, IT and cybersecurity, and maintenance and engineering projects and subject matter experts
  • Experience working with global airline customers and regulators

Types of projects

  • Entry into Services (EIS)
  • Airline start-up
  • Airline efficiency
  • Airline Operating Certificate (AOC)
  • Fuel management and efficiency
  • Electronic flight bag (EFB) deployments
  • Fuel dashboard
  • Crew planning
  • Crew scheduling
  • Fatigue risk management systems (FRMS)
  • Departure control systems (DCS)
  • Data migration
  • Cyber security
  • Log file monitoring
  • PMO Establishment
  • And more

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