London Gatwick Hangar & MRO

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Boeing London Gatwick is a full-service facility that offers a variety of services to meet your aircraft maintenance needs with dedicated technical, engineering, and quality assurance staff. Take advantage of our knowledge, skills, and on-site experience of over 450 years of in-service aircraft operations expertise from the company that designed, built and supports the worldwide Boeing fleet. Whether performing a pre-departure check or a complicated heavy check, we focus on delivering each project on-time, on-budget, and at the highest safety and quality standards.

Fly-in and taxi over to Boeing London Gatwick to design, build and maintain your aircraft.

London Gatwick Hangar & MRO Capabilities


  • 737NG (CFM-56)
  • 737MAX (CFM Leap-1B)
  • 777 (GE90-115B & RR Trent 800)
  • 787 (GEnx & Trent T1000)

London Gatwick Hangar & MRO Benefits

  • All maintenance and repairs are completed to the highest level standards for quality and efficiency, resulting in faster return to revenue service
  • Avoid the cost of owning, certifying, and maintaining tooling by leasing from our comprehensive inventory of 737NG, 737MAX, and 787 tooling as you need them
  • Quick access to in-region parts, ground support, and mobile access equipment helps you get your airplane ready on time
  • Expand your technical capabilities without adding costly resources by accessing Boeing engineering, data, and support expertise
  • Flexible and reliable slot availability to meet your schedule needs
  • Dedicated customer focal for technical project management and oversight throughout your project life cycle ensuring schedule integrity

London Gatwick Hangar & MRO Features

Our team of 29 licensed engineers and highly skilled support staff has over 450 years of in-service aircraft experience

Line maintenanceRoutine turnarounds, troubleshooting, defect rectification, AOG recovery, and scheduled ramp checks.

Base/Heavy maintenanceComplex maintenance including replacement of major components, structural repairs, and heavy checks.

Lease/aircraft transitionsMaintenance and modification services to transition your aircraft to a new fleet.

ModificationsA full suite of retrofit and modification services.

Hangar leaseTransactional spot leasing of the hangar facility for all commercial aircraft types.

Tooling leaseTransactional leasing of 737NG, 737MAX and 787 tooling.

Aircraft surveyNose-to-tail general visual technical inspection according to customer requirements that provides the customer a conditional inspection.

Return to service/entry into serviceTechnical and non-technical support activities based on customer requirements.


The London-Gatwick Hangar and MRO is a state of the art facility completed in late 2019. The facility offers 15,000 square meters of hangar floor space providing capacity for two wide-body or up to five narrow-body aircraft. The hangar includes a large warehouse facility and allocated customer office space.


EASA Part 145: Boeing Ireland Limited, IE.145.071, A1 rating – line and base maintenance
Approval Cert (EASA Form 3) May 2021
UK: CAA 145 Certified Maintenance Organization UK.145.01471
UK14501471 Approval Certificate - Revised July 2021