Performance Upgrades

Improve airplane performance

Get more performance and capability from your aircraft with an expert upgrade. Boeing performance upgrades include engineering design packages, kits, and technical consulting to improve your airplane’s fuel efficiency, payload, and range. Our modification offerings cover your entire airplane and include a wide range of airframe, propulsion, performance, and system upgrades.

Performance upgrade benefits

  • Serve new markets or carry more revenue payload
  • Increase fuel efficiency or payload/range capability through 777 Performance Improvement Packages (PIP)
  • Conserve fuel and reduce maintenance costs with APU On Demand for 737 ETOPS operations
  • Reduce engine maintenance costs
  • Optimize operations with many of our other certifications and operational programs

Our products and services

Take-off, Landing, and Zero Fuel WeightsServe more markets and carry more payload with additional take-off, landing, and zero fuel weights.

Take-off and Landing WeightsLower navigation fees and operating costs with reduced take-off and landing weights.

Engine ThrustServe more markets and carry more payload with additional engine thrust.

Performance Improvement PackageMaximize 777-300ER fuel efficiency with our 777 Performance Improvement Package.

APU on DemandImprove fuel efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, and serve ETOPS markets with 737 APU on demand.

Center of GravityReduce engine maintenance and carry more payload with alternate forward center of gravity.

PIP 2.0The PIP 2.0 + Optional Slat Enhancement offering is a set of aerodynamic retrofit upgrades to the 777 fleet. Following the success of the original PIP offering (~2007), this package is intended to enable similar block fuel savings for the 777 fleet. The package is available for all current 777 operators of the -300ER, -200ER, -200LR, and freighter sub models.