Parts Provisioning Data
and T-Files

Your reliable resource for parts provisioning data

Avoid expensive rework by ensuring delivery of complete and accurate T-files, spare parts, and other provisioning data to support your airplane fleet.

With Boeing Parts Provisioning and T-Files services, you can work with our experienced team for timely and cost-efficient delivery of thousands of accurate parts provisioning files.

Our parts provisioning services teams compile your data and use sophisticated computer modeling tools to calculate recommended quantities for parts provisioning, customized for each airline fleet.

Parts Provisioning Data and T-Files Benefits

  • Generate matching illustrated parts lists and T-files for consistent parts listings and pricing.
  • Customize T-files at the end-item or assembly level to match unique engine or aircraft configurations.
  • Receive convenient nightly updates to your online ordering system.
  • Ensure compliance with industry data standards such as ATA Spec 2000 and iSpec 2200.