Boeing Spectrum - S1000D Publishing Software

S1000D technical publications software

Effectively manage, author, publish, and distribute technical data in accordance with the S1000D technical documentation process.

The Boeing Spectrum software suite maximizes the full value and efficiency benefits offered by authoring technical publications in S1000D format. The S1000D standard continues to gain momentum in both the defense and commercial aerospace sectors as an efficient approach to technical documentation.

Boeing Spectrum Benefits

  • The S1000Dmanager web-based common source database (CSDB) allows for quick project setup and easy management of S1000D data.
  • The S1000DauthorPro XE XML editor is designed to meet the needs of both experienced and novice technical authors, enabling authoring in WYSIWYG, Tags, and Text modes. It allows for initial checks through to deep dives into data.
  • The S1000Dpublisher module allows for publishing to a PDF or to S1000Dprism, an Interactive Electronic Technical Publication (IETP) viewer.
  • The S1000Dprism viewer can be used to access manuals online or offline, as well as via a tablet (e.g., iPad) application for mobile access.