AOG Services

Minimize the time your aircraft is on the ground with Boeing AOG services

With AOG services, our Boeing technical experts provide you with on-site, comprehensive, and integrated assistance to quickly and safely return your airplane to service.

Our technical expert advisors, engineers, and mechanics handle every aspect of AOG services including airplane recovery, repair support, damage survey, and incident repair packages. We provide on-site technical assistance to determine the required actions to return your airplane to service, using methods and procedures that avoid costly secondary damage.

Our Boeing experts have accumulated experience from numerous airplane recoveries around the world. With this experience and the technical expertise that only the airplane's original manufacturer can offer, we help customers worldwide get their airplanes quickly and safely back into revenue service.

AOG Services Benefits

  • Rely on the technical expertise that can only be provided by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM.)
  • Leverage custom repair packages with OEM data, proprietary parts, installation drawings, and specialized tooling for optimal speed and accuracy.
  • Get back in the air with as little disruption to your schedules as possible with rapid repairs from our Boeing experts.
  • Connect easily with a single point of contact to effectively manage the project until every aspect of the AOG incident is resolved including return-to-service documentation.

AOG Services Features

  • Receive an airplane recovery survey including recovery planning and coordination, recovery tools, airworthiness certificates, and special flight permits.
  • Use a detailed repair plan and expert project management services until successful completion.
  • Leverage customized incident repair package including parts, standards, tooling, and installation drawings.
  • See your damage survey and diagnosis including detailed reporting of requirements, repair methods, and cost estimates.
  • Rely on expert management of project logistics including parts procurement.
  • Get quality return to service documentation including Airworthiness Certificates.
  • Always gain on-site technical assistance.