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Boeing Tool Leasing Services

Minimize downtime with aircraft tool rentals

Lease the tools you need quickly to minimize delays and lost revenue. Through Boeing Tool Leasing Services, you can rent the tools you need on short notice from our large inventory of ground-support equipment (GSE) and specialized tooling.

Our tooling inventory supports the entire Boeing family of commercial airplanes for both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. With daily and long-term rates, you can ensure your project is completed in a timeframe that works best for your specific situation while managing costs efficiently.

To inquire about tool availability and pricing, please email our team at

Tool leasing categories examples

Hover over each card to preview some of the aviation equipment and tools available to rent.

Engine change

• Bootstrap engine change kits

• Thrust reverser change kits

• Cowl Sling equipment

Flight controls

• Vertical fin torque equipment

• Aileron and flap strongback kits

• Sling equipment for rudders and elevators

Landing gear

• Main landing gear removal/install kits

• Nose landing gear removal/install kits

• Main landing gear wrench sets

• Strut seal removal/install equipment

Test equipment

• Main gear sensor installation and test fixture

• Loop resistance testers (LRT)

• Hydraulic fluid check tools

• Pressure relief valve tester

• Elevator actuator tester

Special misc. repair tools

• 737 Station 685-706 Frame fitting installation tools

• Section 48, internal work platforms

• Radome adapter plate strongback

• Aft strut fairing removal/install equipment

Why lease aircraft tools through Boeing?

  • Flexible rentals

    Choose from daily and long-term rates with a 20% discount for tools leased for more than 60 days
  • Quick response time

    Our team understands the urgency of your request and the impact turnaround time has on your operation
  • Extensive inventory

    Choose from a broad selection of aircraft tools and equipment to meet your needs
  • Minimize risks

    Avoid risks associated with tool maintenance and management, such as annual calibrations and stocking low utilization tools
  • Conserve working capital

    Save significant costs over purchasing, while also avoiding tool storage and maintenance costs

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