Technical Records and Asset Managed Services

Managing aircraft records and lease contract data for both airlines and lessors

Technical Records and Asset Managed Services provide an operator or lessor ease of managing and converting digital records from paper records needed for day-to-day operations as well as milestone events like lease end or airplane sale, comfort of on-time lease transitions and simplified management of leased assets.

Technical Records Services

Managing your aircraft records for daily operation or events such as regulatory audits and aircraft transitions. 
  • Technical Records Managed Services: Turn-key records management solution for any airplane make and model
    Leverage the power of converting digital records from paper records, near instant access to scanned records and validation of your records during the day-to-day operations. Your records are verified for correctness and completeness and ready for any audit activity from any location in the world. Do you also need help to convert large volumes of historic records? We are here to support you.
  • Technical Records Transition Services: For leasing returns or aircraft transitions
    Ensure smooth airplane transitions by having your technical records prepared for milestone events as well as understanding the gaps & risks.

Lease Data Managed Services

Aircraft lease agreements are complicated documents and are difficult to manage. Keeping track of your asset configuration, sending monthly rent invoices, managing and executing maintenance claims and other financial transactions are some of critical daily activities needed to be performed.

These tasks get more complicated as the fleet size increases. Leverage the expertise of our lease management teams to manage your lease data as if we were part of your team. The range of activities vary between requesting the aircraft and major component utilization from your customers and generate lease invoices up to cash allocations and maintenance reserve claim processing. Our Technical team can control and perform your on-lease inspections such as bi-annual/midterm or pre-redelivery reviews.

Technical Records and Asset Managed Services Benefits

  • Improve efficiency by working with digital records
  • Ensure on-time re-delivery of leased assets with state of the airplane knowledge through re-delivery book creation and gap analyses
  • Reduce the cost of managing leased assets by outsourcing lease administration, including lease contract creation and review, throughout the lifecycle of lease contract
  • Reduce the cost of operations by utilizing our global experts

Services and Features

Technical Records Managed Services
  • Daily Records Management
  • Onsite Hardcopy Digitization
  • Microfilm Digitization
  • Live Completeness Review
  • Physical Storage Options
  • E-copy Record Population
Technical Records Transition Services
  • Onsite Hardcopy Digitization
  • Redelivery E-book Creation
  • Redelivery E-book Gap Analysis
  • Optional Assistance Closing Gaps
Lease Data Managed Services
  • Continuous Lease Administration
  • Lease Contract Population
  • Pre-Redelivery Reviews
  • Midterm Reviews
  • Pre-Purchase Reviews
  • Physical Reviews

Technical Records and Asset Managed Services Catalog

In a rapidly changing aviation market, the Technical Records and Asset Managed Services provided by Boeing Global Services delivers the expertise operators need to stay competitive. We solve aviation industry's most complex tasks by removing operational burdens.

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