Remembering Horst Bergmann: A legacy of leadership at Jeppesen

Former Jeppesen CEO and chairman Horst Bergmann’s visionary leadership propelled the company's transformation and growth for more than 40 years.

Former Jeppesen CEO and chairman Horst Bergmann. (Boeing/Jeppesen photo)

Former Jeppesen CEO and chairman Horst Bergmann. (Boeing/Jeppesen photo)

Horst A. Bergmann, an iconic leader whose vision steered Jeppesen's growth and laid the foundation for today’s electronic flight bag (EFB), passed away Sunday, January 21, 2024.

Throughout his more than 40-year tenure with Jeppesen, colleagues remember him not just as a visionary leader, but as a mentor whose influence resonated within the aviation community.

“Horst was a driving force behind making Jeppesen Charting a renowned product, leaving a lasting impact on the entire aviation industry,” Jeppesen GmbH Managing Director Dr. Jens Schiefele said. “His leadership style, marked by passion and dedication, inspired many within Jeppesen and beyond.”

Bergmann joined Jeppesen’s Germany-based affiliate, Jeppesen & Co., GmbH, in 1963, after serving in the German Air Force. Rising through the ranks, he took on the role of President and CEO of Jeppesen in 1988 and retired in 2003.

Under Bergmann’s leadership, Jeppesen launched the transformation from a paper-based navigational aid provider to a leader in integrated aviation solutions. In addition, Bergmann also led the integration of Jeppesen into a Boeing company.

“Horst played a pivotal role in shaping our future,” Brad Surak, Digital Aviation Solutions vice president said. “His contributions to Jeppesen and the wider aviation community will be fondly remembered, and deeply missed.”

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