Texel Air welcomes Middle East’s first 737-800BCF

Texel Air, a subsidiary of Chisholm Enterprises, welcomed the arrival of its first 737-800 Boeing Converted Freighter (BCF), becoming the first operator in the Middle East to include the 737-800BCF in its fleet.

Texel Air, which has another 737-800BCF on order, plans to use the 737-800BCF to leverage growth opportunities in express and e-commerce markets.  

“With the 737-800BCF we get the increased economic efficiency, better fuel burn, better range, better cargo carrying capacity” said Patrick Fennel, Chief Operating Officer of Texel Air on the sidelines of the event. “If you overlay the capability of the aircraft on the gulf region, you can see that Turkey, East Africa, the whole GCC, and Indian sub-continent; it’s all within easy reach, it’s a perfect fit for us.”

Boeing joined Texel Air to celebrate the delivery of its maiden 737-800BCF during a Jan. 16 event held at the airline’s base in Bahrain. The event was attended by customers, partners, media and Bahraini dignitaries eager to see the 737-800BCF enter service with the operator

“We are thrilled to welcome Texel Air to the Boeing Converted Freighter family, with the arrival of their first of two market-leading 737-800 Boeing Converted Freighters. The 737-800BCF is the right-sized freighter to support Texel Air’s fleet expansion plans, providing the reliability, efficiency and world-class in-service technical support that will help Texel Air capitalize on rapid growth in e-commerce and express cargo demand,” said Anbessie Yitbarek, Boeing vice president of Commercial Services Sales and Marketing.

Sporting a freshly-painted livery, the 737-800BCF bears the name “Vera,” a nod to the mother of John Chisholm, Chairman and Founder of Chisholm Enterprises and its affiliate, Texel Air.

The 737-800BCF now has more than 200 orders and commitments worldwide.


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