United Aviate Academy selects Boeing to provide suite of Early Career Training Solutions

Helping to develop the next generation of pilots for United Airlines



United Aviate Academy has selected Boeing to provide a tailored, comprehensive suite of early career pilot training solutions to help develop the next generation of pilots for United Airlines.

Through this agreement, the flight school will receive tools and materials that cadets will use to master key concepts and information needed to confidently and safely pilot aircraft. Elements of the package include initial cadet assessment materials, online courses, e-books, Boeing’s Jeppesen Academy courseware, textbooks, pilot supplies, GPS NavData, and Boeing’s ForeFlight Mobile integrated flight app for pilots.

The companies came together to commemorate the agreement with a signing ceremony at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin on July 26, where United reaffirmed its commitment to 50% of academy cadets being women and people of color.

Boeing remains committed to providing customers with high-quality training that enhances safety. That commitment only grows stronger as we design new solutions, incorporate innovative technologies, develop better learning analytics and evolve our offerings to meet customer needs as they develop and train personnel to meet future air travel demand.

To learn more, visit our Training Solutions webpage.

Read the full news release on Boeing.com.