787 e-Enabling entry into service
and ANSP development

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    Middle East 787 operator

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    787 entry into service

Boeing e-Enabling and ANSP Program accelerates 787 Entry-into-Service for Middle East Airline

The challenge

A small, future 787 operator in the Middle East faced several challenges in their 787 entry into service (EIS) process. With a short timeline of only two months, the operator had to overcome the following obstacles:

  • Inexperienced engineering and maintenance staff
  • Lack of refined processes for inducting new aircraft
  • Heavy reliance on outsourced information technology and cyber capabilities
  • Requirement for an Airplane Network Security Program (ANSP) for regulatory approval

Reduced EIS and regulatory risks, while inducting aircraft on-time

Boeing approach

To address these challenges, Boeing implemented the following strategies:

  • Conducted onsite business process and ANSP workshops with airline engineering, maintenance, and IT/cyber focals
  • Developed an e-Enabling concept of operations plan
  • Updated maintenance and engineering, and IT policies and procedures to include e-Enabling
  • Identified and mitigated business risks impacting 787 EIS
  • Delivered a draft ANSP manual for regulatory approval
  • Developed a strategy for universal maintenance devices through process implementation
  • Provided support toward airline operational approval


The implementation of Boeing's approach yielded significant results for the operator:

check mark iconCut operator EIS preparation flow time by three-fourths, enabling a smooth and efficient entry-into-service process

check mark iconEnsured compliance with e-Enabling requirements, enhancing the operator's capabilities and efficiency

check mark iconOptimized IT and cyber security investment by aligning it with the ANSP implementation, maximizing the operator's resources, and mitigating potential risks

This project showcases how Boeing's comprehensive approach and expertise in e-Enabling and ANSP development helped a small Middle Eastern operator navigate the challenges of entering service with the 787 aircraft.