Cost gap analysis and
maintenance operational assessment

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    Maintenance assessment

The challenge

A global African airline came to Boeing Aviation Business Solution's Maintenance and Engineering practice with the desire to be Africa's premier Airline and MRO Service Provider. The airline faced several challenges in its growth plan to increase 3rd party MRO activities. They desired to shift from an airline MRO operation to a 3rd party profit and loss (P & L) operation but lacked clarity on how they operationally compared to the rest of the industry.

Leveraging Boeing expertise to support a customer expedited timeline

Boeing's cost gap analysis and maintenance operations assessment helps African airline convert MRO to P&L Center

Our approach

To address these challenges, Boeing performed a cost gap analysis and a maintenance operations assessment using a three-phased approach. The off-site work involved analyzing the airline's current operational state regarding maintenance performance, planning, and cost. This was followed by an on-site assessment to review their organizational structure, procedures, and facility operations. Finally, an executive report ensured that observations and recommendations were delivered to the P & L leadership.


Our maintenance and engineering practice made several key findings and recommendations using data analytics to measure performance. 


Our team recommended re-organizing material management from Finance oversight to reporting through the MRO. Our consultants made deep-dive recommendations to identify and check material allocations in their material capture processes. This review discovered that check yields on their B737NG fleet were approximately 30% below industry standards. 


Additionally, we identified a significant gap in the measurement of interdepartmental SLAs. Our team recommended operational KPIs to help align the entire MRO organization throughout all their internal maintenance operation departments. Finally, we offered guidance on their MRO position within their targeted market and made recommendations on their value proposition.


Overall, Boeing's approach and recommendations helped this large global African airline enhance its operational efficiency and position itself as a leading player in the MRO industry.