Fuel efficiency and
environmental sustainability

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    Aviation Operations consulting services

  • Customer

    A global airline

  • Solution

    Enhance fuel and sustainability practices

The challenge

A global airline customer came to us to improve their fuel efficiency and environmental sustainability practices. They were eager to shift their fuel emphasis towards environmental sustainability and its associated benefits. Additionally, they aimed to minimize operational costs while maximizing operational efficiencies. Our customer also expressed a desire to enhance their airplane fleet's payload and range capabilities.

Our customers sought a reliable partner who could assist them in developing and adapting policies and procedures for various crucial aspects of their operations, such as dispatch, flight and fuel planning, aircraft performance, load planning, maintenance, and ground operations.

Environment Sustainability is increasingly important even with low fuel prices


Our approach

In response to this challenge, Boeing's Aviation Operations team collaborated closely with our customer. 

  • We conducted a holistic review and analysis of their fuel efficiency and environmental sustainability practices, which included a comprehensive analytical review of fuel burn and operational data. 
  • We conducted a study of their Environmental Sustainability Program and identified key performance indicators for reporting. We also provided a change management program and implementation support.


The results of our collaboration were highly successful. Our Aviation Operations practice recommended and delivered solutions that significantly enhanced our customers' overall fuel efficiency and environmental sustainability program.

  • $2-5M annual savings

  • 1-4% fuel burn reduction

  • 20lbs CO2 reduction of each gallon of fuel burned saved

  • 1-2% fuel burn savings