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    MRO planning services

The challenge

A large global airline looked to Aviation Business Solutions to transform its maintenance and engineering division into a profit-seeking airline MRO business. They lacked the technical services agreement to formally define prices, responsibilities, and processes. The airline needed guidance to develop an industry-standard airline MRO organization structure, including standing up the Commercial and External Relations departments. By partnering with our Maintenance and Engineering practice, they intended to resolve these challenges, as well as ensure they had the following in place to be successful:

  • Incorporation of industry best practices and efficient processes
  • Implement performance tracking systems and accurate reporting of operating costs
  • Transform the airline maintenance and engineering division's culture to that of a third-party, profit-seeking business culture

Our approach

Our Boeing Maintenance and Engineering (M&E) practice team consisted of former airline M&E, MRO, and management consulting professionals. Using their expertise and prior experience to resolve the airline's challenges successfully, our team:

  • Conducted onsite assessment to review existing capabilities, processes, use of data, analytics, and technology
  • Analyzed historical data: maintenance costs, performance, workforce composition, and IT systems
  • Performed SWOT analysis on potential revenue opportunities
  • Performed market and competitor analyses considering the geographical location and current capabilities
  • Observed M&E processes and physical layout of work environments to identify bottlenecks and improvement opportunities


With a combination of analytics, subject matter expertise, and experience, Aviation Business Solutions gave our global airline customer the confidence to proceed with their MRO development plan. Our team delivered actionable results that:

blue checkmark iconIdentified fleet-agnostic strategies to increase throughput, reduce costs, and improve market presence

blue checkmark iconPrioritized market opportunities and their revenue potential (while utilizing existing infrastructure and workforce)

blue checkmark iconPerformed economic analysis for developing specific new capabilities

blue checkmark iconProvided recommendations for structural changes to organizational structure